Monday, January 09, 2012

Sailfish, fish paintings

Delilah Smith

I started todays painting on a 6x12 stretched canvas,

My palette get a little messy sometimes. I use the same limited setup on my palette each day.

I put an under painting down with phthalo blue at the bottom adding lemon yellow and white as I move to the top of the canvas. I then sketch in the sailfish with red iron oxide.

I put down some of the local color of the fish using phthalo blue and cad orange,

I add some dioxazine purple to the fine.
I work on some of the details of the fish.

oil painting

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All images are © 2004-2011 Delilah Smith, Art by Delilah


Brenda Ferguson said...

Wonderful, Delilah! Love the flowing lines...and the color!

Delilah said...

Thanks Brenda.