Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Making Way- sailboat

I started with a tinted canvas. This one is 7x5

I do a quick sketch in transparent red oxide.

I block in the sky color using white ultramarine blue and a touch of veridian green.
I paint the ocean color. Painting the dark water with phthalo blue.
I start painting the clouds. I use a thin lavendar mix for the underside. The clouds recede and become less intense.
I add the sail color and highlights of the water.
I put a few figures in the sailboat.
I work a little more on the clouds and the waves.
I work on the foreground.

I add a small amount of yellow to the clouds and the water.

Making Way
oil painting


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1 comment:

Josh said...

Spectacular work. I've always been amazed by how artists such as yourself get to materialize their thoughts on the canvas (I tried, it didn't work out). The shoreline is almost too realistic. Very well done.

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