Thursday, January 05, 2012

Northern Pike oil painting

Delilah Smith
Art by Delilah
I start the painting by sketching in the pike.
I start to paint the deep water with a mix of phthalo blue,alizarin crimson, and small dot of cad yellow.

I add more cad yellow to the mix to paint the lighter water.

I begin painting the pike. I start the under painting with dioxazine purple and white.
I add more color to the pike and paint the rocks at the bottom.
I add some more detail.
I add some high lights and more detail.

Northern Pike
oil painting

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All images are © 2004-2011 Delilah Smith, Art by Delilah


Norma Wilson said...

Love this painting Delilah and how you are demonstrating your process! Very nice!

Denna Kadavy said...

Love the way you are showing your painting process. Thank you for sharing your tech! Love the Pike. Wonderful color.

Delilah said...

Thank you Norma and Denna.