Friday, October 26, 2012

Realism, Pear still life painting

Juicy Pears still life by Delilah
Juicy Pears still life by Delilah, painting by Delilah Smith
About This Painting: Thick paint but a very realistic painting done alla prima. 
Or at first attempt, is a Painting technique.used mostly in oil painting , in which layers of wet paint are
are applied to previous layers of wet paint. This technique requires a fast way of working and is the way most daily painters paint these small paintings. The work is finished before the first layer has dried it is sometimes called direct painting or the French term  Au Premier Coup ( at first Stroke.)

wet-on-wet painting goes right back to the way oil painting was used by several of the best Early Netherlands painters in parts of the paintings, such Jan Van Eyck and Roger Van Der Weyden.

Since the mid 19th century the use of commercially produced paints in tubes has made it possible to paint on the spot. Impressionist like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh and realist like John Singer Sargent, Robert Henri and George Bellows, along with Abstract Expressionist Willem de Kooning have each used different ways of using the energy of wet-on-wet application of oil paints in their paintings.

Juicy Pears
5x7 oil painting on canvas mounted on a museum quality panel ready to be framed.
Media: oil painting
Size: 7 in X 5 in (17.8 cm X 12.7 cm)
Price: $100 USD
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