Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let them Eat Pie

Pumpkin Pie Ala Mode
Oil Painting

I have never been much of a cake eater so my feeling is let them eat pie. How do you eat your pumpkin pie? Straight  up, with lots of whipped cream, or with a big scoop of ice cream?

This is the kicker, if you eat pie Pumpkin is one of the best for you according to Shape Magazine: Because of the its starring ingredients- naturally creamy, high fiber pumpkin, this holiday classic is the best of the holiday pie bunch.  Michele Stuart , author of the new cook book Perfect-Pies-Americas-Pie Baking-Champion , suggest making it even healthier by using nonfat condensed milk. Oh gee Whiz there goes my Ice Cream! To see how your favorite Holiday pie meets the healthy eating challenge read more.

How to Buy: This totally calorie free piece of pie :

Bidding starts on this yummy pie today at $75.00 so click to bid and I wish you luck.

Anyway you dish it it's totally yummy.
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