Friday, December 30, 2011

Seascape Painting

Delilah Smith
Today I started with a RayMar panel that is 8x10.
I tone the canvas with a wash of orange and transparent red oxide. I wipe most of the paint off with a paper towel and let it dry.

I mix a sketching mixture with dioxazine purple and red iron oxide.  I establish the horizon line and put little dots where I want the end of my tree branchs to be. I block in some general shapes.

I finish blocking shapes. I create the palm tree shape.

I wipe out some of the high light areas on the palm tree and add the local color of the water. I use Ultamarine blue and add white as I get closer to the shore line. I begin painting the sand with a mix of orange and yellow. I add shodow with my sketching mix with more purple added to it.

I block in the cloud shapes.

I now block in the sky with Phthalo Blue and white. I darken the underside of the clouds with puple and add a little yellow to the water near the shore. I paint the sky cutting around the palm branches.

I begin paintng the dark areas of the Palm Leaves with a mixture of alizarin chrimson,transparant red oxide, and olive green.

I want the palm tree to be the area of focus so I dull down the clouds a little add high light to leaves of the tree and work  a littl more on the trunk of the tree following the shape of the bark with my brush. I deepen the shadows under the tree and nearer the foreground of the painting.

Tropical Breeze
oil painting

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