Sunday, September 02, 2012

Indain Coen and Squash

Indian Corn and Squash
Indian Corn and Squash, painting by Delilah Smith
About This Painting:This is one of the three types of corn cultivated by Native Americans, both in New England and across the northern tier, including by tribes such as the Pawnee on the Great Plains. Archaeologists have found evidence of such corn cultivation by the Pawnee .

I have two of the three sisters here in this painting. Gee whiz where has the other sister gone?

According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together. This tradition of inter planting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds, widespread among Native American farming societies, is a sophisticated, sustainable system that provided long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet to generations. Growing a Three Sisters garden is a wonderful way to feel more connected to the history of this land, regardless of our ancestry.
I think I will have do another painting with all three girls. It just doesn't seem fair to leave out one of the important players in the story.

Indian Corn and Squash
10x12 oil painting on a museum quality panel ready to be framed
Media: oil painting
Size: 12 in X 10 in (30.5 cm X 25.4 cm)
Price: $250 USD
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Kathye said...

Your fruit and vegetable paintings are so rich and colorful!!! Very nice!!