Thursday, July 14, 2011

Old Mill

Delilah Smith

The Old Mill Challenge

Often we encounter a scene when either en plein air painting, or from a photo that has potential to be a nice painting. But it needs to be cleaned up a bit, maybe a seasonal change, information deleted or added, cropping, etc.. This photo is just that kind of challenge. It has potential, but needs the imagination of the artist to make it an interesting painting.

It is of an old mill near where I live. The only time you can see it well enough to photograph is in the winter when trees are bare. If you want or give this painting a try click here.

Old Mill
About This Painting:
Old Mill
oil painting on canvas mounted on a museum quality panel

Media: oil painting
Size: 7 in X 5 in (17.8 cm X 12.7 cm)

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