Friday, February 11, 2011

This week I saw the movie "The Black Swan" so my mind is now thinking ballet all day long. Twirling with memories of the movie. I think of ballerienas ,of Degas, of long days of hard practice, 0f artist trying to capture the experience.

I once read that you should surround yourself with the type of people you would like to be like, because it really does rub off. I think as artist we should expose ourselves to as much motivational and artistic stimulus as possible because I am sure some of it will rub off. When I speak of " artistic stimulus, I am not speaking of a cash influx by the government but to physically seeing as many great works of art, and successful artist and galleries as we can possible see.I think it gives me direction.

My environment changes my perception. It influences who I am,that is why I have choosen to be an artist. It is also the way that I personally motivate myself so I choose a rich environment filled with color ,change,eclectic friends and this week choreography of the ballet.

Black Swan

About This Painting:
Black Swan
7x5 oil painting

Media: oil painting
Size: 5 in X 7 in (12.7 cm X 17.8 cm)

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