Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sail Boat at Low Tide

I have a small get away cottage on a lake in South Western Michigan that I have been at for a few days. Trying to do several maintance projects myself. I spent hours in the 98 degree tempurture yesterday removing a window that had screws in it that were older then me. They had so much crusted old paint in them I didn't think I would ever be able to get them out so I could remove the old window. The cottage is ancient and the windows were handmade held together with wooden pegs that over time had dry rotted. I teeter on a ladder. One leg on the windowsill the other on an decrepit old wooden ladder. I had rescued it from a burn pile because I wanted to turn it into a display easel.It was another project waiting for me. The ladder was handy and I didn't feel like searching in the hot barn for the nice new shiny one.Pulling,tugging,saying bad words, I finally won the battle of the window removal without breaking glass. A Kodak moment for sure.Now with the sweet taste of victory I went for a dip in the lake sweat poring over me being replaced by the refreshing lake water. Window safe on the grass, I would start the cut and paste to fix it tomorrow.

Low Tide,sailboat
Low Tide,sailboat, painting by Delilah Smith

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Low Tide
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Susan Roux said...

Artist can do anything, can't they? We always figure out a creative way to tackle our tasks. Love the ladder picture you painted for me...

Delilah said...

Thank you so much. I hope your summer is going well and you are see lots of wonderful artwork.