Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A day of Plien Air Painting

As I suspected this morning the day was wonderful for plien air painting. The morning was sunny with out a cloud in the sky.

Everyone found an interesting spot to paint and the fun began.These girls found some shade as the sun came out the day grew warmer.

The was a wonderful pond on the grounds and the reflections in the early morning were perfect. Later in the morning the clouds came in and added another note of interest to the reflective water.

The artist sat up on the hill with an umbrella to paint the pond. As the clouds came in the wind picked up and took her lovely painter umbrella right into the deep end of the pond. I never use an umbrella because I have never seen one survive for long in the wind.

There was a flag on the hill next to the house. I walked around it trying to find an interesting angle to paint from because I had been thinking how I would like to paint a flay for the Fourth of July and voila there it was. I have painted some cupcakes in the past and few beach divas in red white and blue but this year I wanted something with a flag.

American Fourth of July
American Fourth of July, painting by Delilah Smith

About This Painting:
American Fourth of July
landscape painting done on canvas mounted on hardboard,ready to frame.

Media: oil painitng
Size: 5 in X 7 in (12.7 cm X 17.8 cm)

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Susan Roux said...

What a beautiful spot! Looks like you had a perfect day. You even found your flag! Happy fourth.

Delilah said...

Thank you Susan, yes this is a great area and I hope to come back in the fall and paint there again.