Friday, September 25, 2009

Zinnias and Bumble Bee, flower garden

I had a dream a few nights ago about a painting I had done. It was a floral painting with bees and dragonflies. I tried to paint it last night but I think I missed a few things I now remember in the dream. I will try to work it out in water color then if I think I have the concept I will try it in oils.

Zinnias and Bumble Bee, flower garden
Zinnias and Bumble Bee, flower garden, painting by Delilah Smith

About This Painting:
Zinnias and Bumble Bee

Delilah Smith, Michigan, USA

Media: watercolor
Size: 9 in X 12 in (22.9 cm X 30.5 cm)
Price: $10 USD

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ford said...

What a cute flower is that? I like it. Nice painting keep posting!

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Sam Lucas said...

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