Saturday, February 25, 2012

Roses Are Red

Roses Are Red
Art by Delilah

I got a dozen red roses for Valentine days. The smell was wonderful. I have been working on a large painting but I have done several small studies first. Here is one of the small ones.

I started with a small sketch just to block in where I might want to place the roses.

I decided I wanted to add at least one of the rose buds also.

I add dark shadows with a blue,

I add some purple and begin to build the petals with Cad Red.

I keep building the petals on the roses.

I add more petals leaving some ot the shadow area I started with,

I mix a green using Phthalo blue,and lemon yellow. I then paint in the foreground.

I mix a light green adding more lemon yellow and white to the mixture of green I already have. I them paint the the leaves around the roses. Next I finish the back ground using white a touch of purple in it. The painting has lots of texture.

The finished painitng
oil painting

This painting is available at Daily Paintworks.

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