Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My Cup

My Cup
This is the cup I have is not my morning coffee cup, because I can not paint something that I have hot coffee in and keep drinking out of. This is the cup that I have been using for some of my still life set ups. I like it because the white is nice and reflective. I have been trying to get a collection of interesting cup.I you have an old one and would like to see how I would paint it send it to me and I will do a painting of it. 

I painted this for the Daily Paint Works Challenge.

The Paint Your Mug Challenge  
posted by Karla Uphoff on Saturday Aug 6, 2011
No, not your face, your mug! As in the favorite cup or mug you reach for when you want something hot to drink. I think what we drink out of tells a lot about our personalities. i.e., my hubby drinks out of a mug with GROG on it. ( He is not a morning person!) Put your cup or mug in whatever setting you would like. If you are worried about drawing the elipse, here is a nice tutorial Can’t wait to see your "mug"!

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