Friday, August 28, 2009

The Purple of Lilacs,floral oil painting

Is there anything more purple then Lilacs? Maybe, but to me if I think purple I think Lilacs.This floral painting of purple Lilacs is done in oils.

Lilacs bloom in early May. There is a lot to be said about having a large vase of Lilacs by your bed as you drift off to sleep with that glorious smell.

I always get caught up in the drama and romance of them. It is interesting how the scent can conjure up memories and I am in a time machine taken back to another time and place. The fragrance takes me back to a time as a child on the farm playing in the warm spring air under the Lilac bush. The lilac was so old it was more like a tree then a bush. Climbing its gnarly branches and siting up so high where no one could see me, I would read my adventures of places I wanted to see in the lilacs.

Can you smell the lilacs through my words?

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