Saturday, July 26, 2008

And the Luck Winner is?

And The Winner Is!!!!

Congratulations to Lyn, of Auckland, New Zealand!

The name was drawn as the winner of the free painting.

Lyn said ,That looking at the paintings on my blog was something to look forward to each day. The choices are so beautiful, the cupcake being the favorite choice.

I'm pleased to know that, and also to hear from the others who entered the drawing for the giveaway.These giveaways are a lot of fun for me, seeing new names on the entries that come in. It helps me know there are more people out there in cyberspace who are enjoying my work in addition to the folks who comment, or purchase

If you were not the lucky winner keep checking back, I had so much fun doing this that I will give away 2 more paintings before the end of the year.

Go ahead and Celebrate Lyn

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